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Nabila's Briouat with turkey

Tuesday, February 24 2015

Savory Briouat with turkey

We have made this recipe several times together, and it is so delicious. It's a labor because of all the folding of the triangles filled with the vermicelli and the other ingredients, but with two people, the time goes by more quickly. Since briouat is a snack, we freeze the unfried briouat, and it keeps for a long time. Just take it out and fry up a few when it's time to entertain (not much oil, just a little goes a long way)...I enjoy serving these to the students who come to the weekly lunches at the American Language Center when I'm the host, and when I have the time to prepare it. 

Nabila preparing a few briouat for snacks

The finished product before frying

¾ kilogram       turkey / chicken  cubed
1                     red onionد chopped
2-3 tbsp           olive oil
1/2 tsp             pepper
1/2 tsp             salt

1/4 kg bag       clear vermicilli

5-7                  carrots
1 tbsp              olive oil
½   tsp             salt
¼   tsp             pepper

2 Dh                coriander and parsely, chopped
1 Tbsp             harissa, about 2 tbsp, taste because it is hot
Dh                sliced green olives, about 1.5 cups
½  tsp           cumin 
½  tsp           paprika
1 lg cube         grated chicken boullion 

1 kg                 waraqa (filo dough) about 20 dirham

  • Brown turkey in oil, chopped onion, pepper and salt.
  • Pour boiling water over vermicilli to cook.  Prepare by chopping strands into about 3 inch sections. 
  • Grate carrots then place in a pan along with oil, salt and pepper. Cook briefly  then place in a large bowl with remaining ingredients. Mix well.
  • Mix in the parsley, harissa, green olives, cumin, paprika, the grated boullion and finally vermicilli then turkey.

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